Tank-O-Meter Type 'S'


For Manual Installations

Figure 1

For Continuous Read-Out with Air or Inert Gas

Continous readout systems use approximately .5 SCFH air or inert gas.

Gauge Panels and Central Alarm Systems

When tanks need to be regularly monitored, gauges are often grouped at central locations on panels. Panel mounted type "S" Tank-O-Meters (either with hand pumps or a air/inert gas manifold for one field pneumatic input connection) shipped pre-assembled from the factory are optionally available. A combination Air Filter/Regulator/Condensate Trap is normally supplied at the manifold input.

Alarm systems for panel mounted gauges are optionally available in factory assembled enclosures wired with terminal block connections. Alarms for single or multi-tank installations are mounted in general purpose or NEMA 4 watertight enclosure(s).

Panels and enclosures simplify field mounting, save time on planning installation and are a convenient way to mount all your gauges and alarms at a central location. A wide variety of wall panels and enclosures to suit your filed situations are available. Consult the factory with your requirements.

See also Level Alert alarms and level contactor information.

Scale Calibration & Resolution

...Computerized for Maximum Precision

The calibrated scale is the most important part of a Tank-O-Meter®. A computerized process for calculating, drawing and checking scales assures precision.

Calibration is based on exact inside tank dimensions, the specific gravity of the liquid being measured, along with controlled factors such as the indicating fluid used, the bore of the Pyrex manometer tube and its relationship to the well.

Each scale is serialized for positive identification. All application and calibration data is permanently retained in our vaults for future reference.

The accuracy of a Tank-O-Meter® gauge is equivalent to or better than the minimum resolution shown on the scales. Scale resolution is typically every 1/10", 1/8", 1/4", or 1" of tank depth. Any engineering units of depth, weight, volume, or pressure may be used.

More Information on the Digital Tank-O-Meter Type "S"

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