Tank-O-Meter Type 'S'

The simple, accurate, reliable system to measure and control liquid level

Tank-O-Meter Type 'S'


  • Uses accurate and dependable hydrostatic principle.
  • Measures contents of tanks up to 1,000 feet away.
  • Any tank configuration: vertical, horizontal, spherical, etc.
  • Installation is quick and easy while tank is in service
  • Tanks can be open, closed, vented, at ground level, buried, elevated, under pressure, or vacuum.
  • Advantage over probe and float gauages is that there are no moving parts to wear out or hang up and cause incorrect readings.
  • Foaming products are read more accurately and easily versus sonar and stick reading.
  • Scales are custom calibrated to any tank configuration to insure accurate readings in inches, gallons, pounds, centimeters, liters, kilos, etc.
  • Centrally located Panel Board mounted gauges are available for quickly reading the level of any number of tanks.
  • Gauge can be hand pump operated or operated by compressed air or inert gas using a bubbling bottle or Tel-Flo Meter.
  • "OE" Model Tank-O-Meters® for measuring fuming liquids.
  • Weather-proofing is available for outdoor use protection.
  • High and Low Level Switches available.
  • Keep accurate inventories, helping to avoid down time due to lack of supply.
  • Determine proper ratios in mixing processes.
  • Avoid costly and dangerous overfilling of tanks.
  • Protect workers against personal hazards from exposure to corrosive acids, fumes, hot liquids, climbing tanks, etc.
  • Determine the degree of concentration in evaportation processes.

Liquid Level Measurement

The Tank-O-Meter® is used extensively throughout the Dairy, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, along with the U.S. Navy, Commercial Marine, Power Plants, Cosmetic Manufacturing Plants, Municipalities, Water Treatment Facilities, Distilleries, Breweries, and wherever there is a need to measure liquid level.

Scale Construction

The Tank-O-Meter® scales are aluminum, finished in non-glare white with easy to read black line graduation. They are sealed with a coat of clear lacquer to protect the graduated lines and insure long life. One scale on each side of the glass indicating tube allows dual calibrations in any engineering unit of depth, weight, volume, or pressure for a single Tank-O-Meter®. All scales are serialized for positive identification of the Tank-O-Meter® and the service for which it was manufactured.

Since 1896...

Uehling Instrument has a long standing reputation for manufacturing quality precision instruments. With its years of experience in hydrostatic instrumentation, Uehling Instrument is an authoritative source for level and depth indicators that meet present day demands for accuracy and dependability. The Tank-O-Meter® accurately indicates and measures tank contents up to 1000 feet away, regardless of the location of the tank in relation to the Tank-O-Meter®.

Local Representatives.

For quick dependable service Uehling representatives in principal cities in the U.S.A., Canada and overseas. Call us for the one closest to you.


Open to atmosphere...2-line system

When a tank is 100% vented to atmosphere, the Uehling Tank-O-Meter® is operated using a two-line system. Air is introduced into line "B" which will force the liquid being measured out of the pressure pipe. The pressure created in the pipe (the head pressure) will then return to the Tank-O-Meter's® well through line "A" and raise the indicating fluid column to the corresponding depth of the liquid.

Closed to atmosphere...3-line system

When a tank is not 100% vented to atmosphere at all times, or if the tank is buried, the Uehling Tank-O-Meter® is operated using a three-line system. Lines "A" and "B" have the same function as in the two-line system. A third line "C" is added to equalize the pressure or vacuum above the air space above the indicating fluid in the Tank-O-Meter®.


...is simple, quick and trouble-free. Pressure pipe is inserted in tank; precut, tested and fiitted tubing is connected between tank and TANK-O-METER®; NPT compression fittings are connected at each end, and the instrument is ready for operation. No adjusting of floats, pins, lever arms, or re-checking or re-calibration of the scale is ever needed.

If a different kind of liquid is to be measured, or the tank capacity changes, new scales are easily adapted to the existing gauge.

Tank-O-Meters® for Fuming Corrosive Liquids in Tanks Open to Atmposphere

Two types of ("O") Tank-O-Meter® gauges are available for open tanks (100% Vented to Atmosphere) containing Hot Water, Hot Plating Solutions, Acids, and similar liquids. These applications require a continuous purge system to avoid condensation of vapors in the air lines. A minimum of 3/8" Air Line between the Tank-O-Meter® gauge and the tank is required. An overpressure trap and extended well are supplied as standard equipment. Continous air purge consumption is approximately .5 SCFH.

Gauges with Bubbling Bottles (add "OLTE" to Model No.) are used with general plant air systems. The bubbling bottle oil serves as an indication of the purge rate in addition to removing dirt and moisture from air entering the system. When plant air has particularly high moisture and dirt content, a combination Air Filter/Regulator/Condensate Trap may additionally be required upstream from the Bubbling Bottle.

Gauges with a Tel-Flo meter (add "NOTE" to Model No.) are designed for instrument air or inert gas systems. Clean dry air, instrument air, or inert gas is used where tank content purity must be maintained. A combination Air Filter/Regulator/Condensate Trap may optionally be required.

Tank-O-Meters® for Fuming Corrosive Liquids in Closed Tanks

Two types of ("OE") Tank-O-Meters® are available for closed tanks containing Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Nitric Acid, Phenol and other corrosive fuming liquids.

In order to keep vapors contained in the tank, a continuous purge system using inert gas or air is necessary. The purge system requires either double Bubbling Bottles or double Tel-Flo meters to segregate the tank head pressure.

Gauges with double Bubbling Bottles consume approximately 1 SCFH (double Tel-Flo's approximately 2 SCFH), require a minimum of 3/8" air line between the Tank-O-Meter gauge and the tank and are supplied standard with an over-pressure trap.

Gauges with double Bubbling Bottles (add "OELTE" to Model Number) are useful with general plant air systems. In some systems, a combination Air Filter/Regulator/Condensate Trap may additionally be required upstream of the Bubbling Bottles when plant air has particularly high moisture and dirt content.

Gauges with double Tel-Flo meters (add "NOETE" to Model Number) are used with clean dry instrument air or inert gas where tank content purity must be maintained. A combination Air Filter/Regulator/Condensate Trap may be optionally required.

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